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Reliable Commercial Paving Services in Kitchener and Cambridge

First impressions are important – not just for people, but for commercial properties too. If the exterior of your mall, motel, or storage facility has broken, cracked, or potholed pavement, it can turn off potential customers. Curb appeal can make a difference and a shabby looking parking lot or front entrance gives the impression you don’t care about your facility. So why should customers shop with you?

That’s why it’s important to get reliable commercial paving services for your Kitchener business. K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd., like make Ontario businesses, grew into becoming a reliable partner of the community and has served the paving needs of commercial clients throughout Southwestern and South Central Ontario since 1956.

We offer a wide range of facilities such as industrial paving and institutional paving. For further information, visit our website.

Paving Installations

We work hard to provide businesses and property owners expert paving installations for a variety of applications, including:

Shopping Mall Parking Lots

Add value and curb appeal to your shopping mall with newly paved parking lots. The first thing your customers will have to tackle is parking, and making that easier starts with an expertly paved parking lot. Ensure your commercial blacktop is not only safe with crack and pothole repairs, but also reflective of the modern aesthetic inside your shopping mall. In addition to new installation, the K-W Cornerstone team also offers parking lot repaving.

Pedestrian Friendly & Hazard Free Plazas

Your plaza gets a lot of heavy foot traffic. And in order to keep walkways safe, we offer professional paving services to address cracks, smooth out bumps, and fill in holes correctly the first time. Remove those troublesome areas with repaving to ensure pedestrians are safe as they walk across your plaza.

From outdoor parking lots to parking garages, we have the paving services to keep these areas smooth and hazard free so your business can focus on 5 star service. The last thing your guests want to deal with is trying to move their luggage across bumpy, uneven pavement. Smooth, beautiful parking lots say your motel is well-kept and inviting.

Storage Facilities
Storage facilities have to be ready to store a wide range of items – from boxes of antiques to heavy furniture. The pavement in individual storage units should be crack-free and level to safeguard against moisture and other elements dilapidated units give off an insecure impression to would-be-renters as well. Our paving experts can ensure that not only driveways and walkways are properly paved, but that the concrete work inside specific units are even and without cracks.

Commercial Paving in Cambridge & Kitchener

Over the years, K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd. has helped communities through numerous commercial paving projects in Cambridge, Kitchener, and across Southern Ontario. We take pride in our work and love to show our progress with photos throughout the site. We invite you to explore the remainder of our site and see our services extend beyond commercial properties – from playgrounds to loading docks; all projects receive unique solutions but the same expert execution is standard.

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You can rely on our vast technical experience to accommodate projects of any size. Whether you need a parking lot’s asphalt repaved for your retail store or require detailed concrete work in your storage facility, K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd. can handle it.

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