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Municipal Paving Services in Southern Ontario

Municipal Paving

K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd. has worked with a number of municipalities in Southwestern and South Central Ontario providing a tough, long lasting surface for roads and pathways, building parking lots, recreational areas and more. Some of our recent projects that involved municipal improvements include:

  • Asphalt pathways
  • Road restorations
  • Parking lots
  • Tennis, basketball courts, and playgrounds

Municipal Paving Services in Kitchener for Asphalt Pathways and Road Restoration

We have taken up many projects for different municipalities relating to various paving and repair works. Many of the work included the construction of asphalt pathways, sidewalk and more. We create an adequate project plan that doesn’t interrupt the local traffic. We strive at creating roads and pathways that are tough and safe for the residents. Our municipal paving services in Kitchener have helped the local authorities in constructing traffic calming speed humps, sealing driveway cracks, filling up potholes, and more. We also perform excavation and clean up required municipal projects.

Expert Paving and Repair Services for Parking Lots and Other Public Paved Surfaces

Parking lots play an important role in commercial property. We have the expertise and equipment to provide tough and organized parking lots for all commercial properties. Municipal authorities make sure that every commercial and public place has organized parking lots to avoid any mishaps. We provide quality paving services in the construction of parking lots and other public paved surfaces. In addition to that, we also repair pavement cracks and provide affordable paving solutions.

Constructions and Repairs for Public Tennis and Basketball Courts, and Playgrounds

Our pavement projects for the municipalities include construction of public tennis and basketball courts, and playgrounds. We create good-quality and smooth pavement surfaces that last long. We also give the surface a nice, attractive look. If any park or playground surface is cracked or damaged, we’ll repair it without any hassle. Our constructed pavements always meet the standards to have proper drainage, safety, and resistance against damage.

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