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Street paving

If you have invested in a new asphalt parking lot, you undoubtedly want to make sure that it lasts a long time. If the asphalt was professionally designed and installed by a trusteed paving contractor in Kitchener, like K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd., it should give you about 20-30 years.

Regular maintenance and upkeep will help protect your investment and keep it looking great for years to come. How heavy the traffic is in your parking lot, what types of vehicles typically drive on it, and how much it is exposed to the elements will affect the maintenance that’s required.

Repairing vs. Resurfacing Asphalt

Asphalt will eventually lose its integrity due to natural wear and tear. If you have cracks repaired while they’re still small, the condition of the parking lot will last a lot longer. Always have your repairs completed by an experienced asphalt repair company to ensure the quality of the job.

Resurface the parking lot when 30-40% of the asphalt surface has degraded to "alligator asphalt" or asphalt that is cracked into a scale pattern. Resurfacing adds a new layer of asphalt about 1.5-2 inches deep over the existing asphalt. This process rejuvenates your parking lot, adding an additional 8-15 years to its longevity.

How Long Do Asphalt Parking Lots Last?

The total lifespan of an asphalt parking lot varies, and it depends on four primary factors:

  • Soil geology

  • Groundwater and moisture presence in soil and base

  • Design and installation quality

  • Frequency of maintenance

Variations depend on the condition of the subgrade and how often the parking lot experiences hot and cold cycles. Frequent freezing and thawing lead to a shorter lifespan, when combined with other geological and support factors.

Canadian winters are especially hard on asphalt surfaces. Repairs or asphalt repaving in Kitchener and throughout southwestern Ontario, are best completed early in the fall or spring to avoid major damage.

When is Replacement Necessary?

All parking lots deteriorate over time. When they do, not only are they unattractive, but they become a safety concern as well. Regular maintenance every 2-3 years will help prolong the life of your parking lot, but at some point, you will need to completely remove and replace the asphalt surface.

Since 1956, K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd. has been a trusted source for asphalt repair and asphalt repaving in Kitchener. If you are looking for an asphalt paving contractor, give us a call at 519-743-6411 or contact us through our online form to request an estimate and personal consultation with one of our trained asphalt experts.


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