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Nothing beats asphalt in terms of cost, installation speed, versatility and durability as a paving material. Driveways, parking lots, pavements and roads are paved with asphalt surfaces. Your commercial property or municipal premises must reflect a positive image conveyed through ongoing maintenance and well-kept paved areas.

Trust in the experienced, skilled services provided by K-W Cornerstone for sealcoating, crack sealing and asphalt repair in the Cambridge area. 

Overview of Sealcoating & Why Preventive Maintenance Works

Asphalt paving is a mixture of stone aggregates and mineral fillers, combined with a binder component of asphalt cement. Essentially, the paved surface that you see is only the top layer of an entire bed of graded stone aggregates. The depth varies on the basis of the ground conditions and level of expected traffic. Due to this layered structure, asphalt prevents water from being absorbed by the aggregates in the pavement, making the surface stronger, while also increasing its load-bearing capabilities.

However, despite its flexibility, excellent waterproofing and adhesive properties, asphalt has its shortcomings. Over a period of time, the exposure to heavy rains, snow, and the traffic-related wear and tear affects its chemical make-up. This in turn allows the paved surface to lose its binding and water seeps into the inner layers of construction. Moreover, with asphalt being a by-product of petroleum distillation, it is also vulnerable to other petroleum products such as oil, fats, grease and gas leaks that tend to deteriorate its molecular integrity.

This is where sealcoating comes in. A systematic preventive sealing program will cut down your year-on-year maintenance costs and extend the life of your pavement by almost 20 years.

Key Benefits & Process of Sealcoating

Sealing or sealcoating involves the application of an emulsion type product over your existing asphalt surface to seal and fill any voids and cracks and prevent further damages. In addition to preserving and prolonging the life of your paving, sealcoating:

  • Creates a uniform coating and improves the visual appearance of the paved area

  • Protects the pavement from salts, chemicals and moisture, and resists oxidization caused by exposure to the elements

  • Lends a smoothness to the surface, that makes it easier to clean, sweep and shovel

  • Has a deep, rich, dark appearance that retains heat, which causes the accumulated ice and snow to melt faster

  • Is a cost-effective way to repair minor cracks and eroded areas

  • Optimizes the overall value of your asphalt paving. 

Types of Coatings

Coal tar sealers are cheaper, but require more product management, while asphalt emulsion sealers are easier to apply, but offer less protection against chemical spills. Choose your coating based on the manufacturers’ recommendations for intended use and the surface conditions of your pavement.

When & How Often to Sealcoat

Sealcoating should be first done after a year of the initial asphalt paving, and typically repeated every two to three years thereafter. Depending on the traffic and ground conditions, you may consider scheduling sealcoating, crack filling and asphalt repair services for your Cambridge property more frequently.

Sealcoating Process

It is advisable to schedule the sealing job when the temperature is around 4 to 7 degrees Celsius so that the product can cure properly. For smaller surfaces, the process is quick and easy and can completed with a squeegee, while for larger areas, we typically consider spraying. Before applying the sealant, our crew will clear the area of any dirt, stones and debris, use a pressure washer to clean the cracks, and heat flash the spots that have any oil or petroleum product spill marks.

After application, we recommend you leave the area untouched for approximately 48 hours and watch out for leaves or debris that may degrade the emulsion coating before it has set and cured. Your parking lot, driveway or road that has been sealed or repaired will need to be closed off to foot and vehicular traffic until the new paving is ready for use.

Professional Sealcoating & Crack Sealing Service in the Cambridge Area

For all your asphalt paving and sealing needs in and around Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph, look no further than K-W Cornerstone Paving. From crack filling and patching, to sealing and preventive maintenance, we have the expertise and equipment to cater to the paving repairs and servicing needs of municipal, institutional, industrial as well as commercial clients.

For quality asphalt paving, sealing and repairs, choose K-W Cornerstone Paving. To request a quote or learn more about our paving solutions, call us at 519-743-6411 or contact us online.


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