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9 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Driveway

Image of a person upgrading a driveway with asphalt

Spotting signs that your driveway needs maintenance can be challenging, and people often overlook the need for upgrades. However, driveway maintenance plays an important role in your property's functionality, safety, and aesthetics. For that reason, our blog shares 9 signs indicating you need to upgrade your driveway.


1.     Cracks and Potholes

A clear signal that your driveway needs attention is cracks and potholes. Not only can they damage vehicles, but they also pose tripping hazards to you and others. Moreover, small holes can develop into larger ones during rainy periods, so it's wise to address the problem promptly.


2.     Uneven Surface

Besides impacting the aesthetic appeal of your driveway, an uneven surface can lead to other problems, such as water accumulation in certain areas of your property, potentially causing further damage. If you notice your driveway is uneven, it might be a good idea to upgrade and relevel it.


3.     Pooling Water

Excess moisture is detrimental to driveway maintenance. Pools of water can accelerate driveway wear or cause damage to its base. Many drainage solutions can tackle pooling water, but addressing the problem promptly can help you avoid major concerns.


4.     Faded Appearance

A faded appearance in your driveway can indicate excessive exposure to sunlight, which over time can affect its structural integrity. Upgrading a driveway affected by UV radiation can enhance your property's appearance and prevent issues like cracks and holes.


5.     Crumbling Edges

The edges of the driveway often show signs of wear first. If they begin to crumble, it might be time to redo the edges or opt for driveway replacement to ensure stability and prevent further deterioration.


6.     Difficulty in Maintenance

If you've noticed that your driveway has become increasingly difficult to repair, investing in a new one might be wise. A fresh start can not only save you money on repair costs in the long run but also provide an opportunity to improve the original project.


7.     Visible Wear and Tear

Visible wear and tear on driveways typically precede other structural problems. They signalize that an upgrade is necessary to maintain its aesthetic appeal, safety, and functionality.


8.     Safety Concerns

If your driveway's condition raises safety concerns, it's time to consider an upgrade. Cracks and holes can cause serious accidents to anyone within your property and damage vehicles. Fixing or upgrading it can provide a fresher look and peace of mind.


9.     Expansion Needs

If you believe your driveway is no longer sufficient for the traffic within your property, consider an upgrade. An expanded driveway can improve functionality and safety.


Driveway and Other Paving Services in Kitchener and Cambridge


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