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Maintaining your asphalt paving is important, both for your business’ image and for your bottom line. If left alone, minor damage can deteriorate further and thereby quickly come to necessitate extensive and costly repairs — or even a full-scale replacement. To help you ensure that you get the most out of your pavement, here are four common indicators that your asphalt needs professional attention.


1. Cracks

It’s entirely normal for pavement to crack, especially in areas like Kitchener and Waterloo that have freeze-thaw cycles in winter and spring. As water seeps into the pavement and freezes, it creates cracks and makes existing ones worse. Any amount of cracking is grounds for intervention, but the right approach depends on the severity.

  • Minor cracks can and should be fixed by a paving contractor before they become more severe.

  • Alligator cracks, which are extensive networks of cracks that look like and alligator’s scaly skin, indicate the entire surface needs to be replaced because of foundational damage.

2. Potholes

Potholes are a safety risk and an eyesore. Like cracks, they’re typically caused by water seeping under the pavement. When it freezes, it expands and displaces the soil, leaving a void come spring. Paving above the soil breaks down, resulting in a hole.

Potholes should be fixed yearly, and if you notice them throughout the pavement, it means the foundation is compromised and needs to be redone.

3. Pooling water

If water tends to form puddles on your pavement, it means the surface probably isn’t level. Left alone, this water will eventually cause serious structural damage by seeping through the pavement and compromising the foundation. This makes your asphalt more susceptible to other forms of damage. However, it doesn’t mean you need to have the whole thing resurfaced. Improving drainage to divert the water from the pavement is often enough.

4. Faded surface

When your pavement’s surface goes from deep black to pale grey, it means it’s been damaged by UV rays and exposure to chemicals. One way to delay this is to schedule regular seal coating applications. However, if you notice the coatings aren’t effective anymore, it’s time to have the whole structure resurfaced.

Asphalt Paving in the Kitchener Area

Whether you need repairs, a replacement or simply a reliable contractor to complete your project, you can trust K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd. to provide you with professional service. We’ve proudly provided the Kitchener area with commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional paving since 1956. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our recycled materials options and specialty services.


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