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crack filling on pavement

Despite asphalt being everyone’s first choice due to its cost and durability as a paving material, it is by no means, invincible.

Over time, like other hard surfaces, your asphalt paving will face natural wear and tear and become worn out or damaged. This will occur due to frequent use, a lack of regular maintenance, heavy snow and rain, and the moving of thousands of pounds of metal over your driveway.

When you find that asphalt repair is becoming a regular expense item, you may need to re-evaluate your driveway or parking lot and decide if entirely replacing your asphalt paving might be the better solution. It will cost more than repairs but will be a long-term solution.

Potholes, cracks, uneven paving, faded lines, and so on will make your driveway or parking lot unsafe and reflect a poor image of your business or institution.

It’s important to consult experienced professionals at a company like K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd., who can help you decide whether your asphalt needs repairs or if a replacement is due. Our trained crew will ensure high quality and proper asphalt repairs or replacement of your driveway, parking lots, walkways, and other paved surfaces in a timely manner.

Will Asphalt Repairs Suffice or is it Time for Replacement?

External factors such as weather and traffic cause natural deterioration of your driveway, parking lot and asphalt paving. Even if you have potholes, cracks and tears, erosion, fading paint, or leveling issues, your asphalt pavement can be repaired. The services for asphalt repair and maintenance we offer at K-W Cornerstone Paving Ltd. include:

  • Crack Filling: In the long-run, weather, especially heavy precipitation worsens the condition of asphalt and results in cracks. With the freeze-thaw cycle, these cracks may become deeper and cause more damage to the surface. To ensure that your premises are safe and attractive, it is best to call for professional asphalt repairs and get any cracks filled.

  • Crack Sealing: Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your paving is durable. By applying a weather-resistant seal over your asphalt driveway or parking lot, you can prevent new cracks from developing.

  • Pothole Patching: Potholes prove to be a nuisance and a safety hazard for pedestrians as well as vehicles. With skilled, experienced pothole patching, you can see that your premises are not causing injuries from tripping, slipping and falling. You can also enable the smooth flow of traffic within your premises and drivers will not have to worry about their vehicle’s tires and parts seeing unnecessary wear and tear or damage.

Despite these solutions, eventually your pavement will reach a point where repairing it is no longer cost-effective or practical. Replacing your asphalt surfaces will then become inevitable.

Signs that Asphalt Needs Replacement

If you hired a professional team to design, install, and maintain your asphalt pavement in Kitchener, your driveway or parking lot should be good for about 20-30 years. When repairs become too frequent and cost a lot, asphalt replacement makes better sense.

Professional Asphalt Repairs and Replacement Services in the Kitchener Area

For all your asphalt repairs and replacement needs in and around Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph, look no further than K-W Cornerstone Paving! From crack filling and patching, to sealing and preventative maintenance, we have the expertise and equipment to cater to the paving repairs and servicing needs of municipal, institutional, industrial as well as commercial clients. Connect with us today and receive a quote for your next project.


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